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Main Features:
The EGW (Electro Gas Welding) process is a high deposition welding process that uses retaining shoes to confine a molten metal for vertical progression welding. With this particular setup, the welding arc travels at the vertical weld axis and deposits weld metal as if the welding is done in the flat position.
EGW is considered as a highly automatic process as it requires closed loop current sensing or other means, to govern travel speed & to maintain electrode stickout automatically without operator interference.
This process is widely used by Japanese & Korean fabricators for storage tanks & ship panel vertical welding .
High Deposition RateC approx. 20 times faster than manual welding, over ten 2.5 m long vertical seams can be welded in one 8 hrs shift by a single operator!
Welds are done in single pass (up to 40 mm WT), no inter-pass cleaning.
High quality weld with minimum distortion and labor skill requirements.
Both gas shielded, flux cored EGW wire or Self-shielded flux cored EGW wire (eg. Lincoln NR431 / NR432) are available for different welding conditions.

Vertical Seam Welder

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