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Main Features:
Oil cylinder fluid port automatic welding machine is suitable for switch pesdestal and ball cylinder welding of the ball valve.The machine is drived by motors,controlled by the PLC,assisted controlled by electrical relay,so it can be realize automatic welding.Welding current and welding can be set on the operation panel.It has high automation level.The machine is composed of welding torch driving part,pneumatic system,electric control sysytem and gas shield welding power source.

Suitable Switch pesdestal Height(H):20-50mm.

Outer diameter of switch sedsestal:8-40mm.

Cylinder diameter:30--300mm.

Ball valve length:100-500mm.

Welding speed:2-8mm/s

Step adjustment stroke:80×80mm

Welding torch lifting stroke150mm

Max.Welding Current:350A (Japanese OTC Gas Shiled Welding power source)

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