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Light Pole Welding Machine
Main Features:

This machine is specially designed for light pole automatic seam welding.

  • Flexiable welding process: MIG welding & Submerged Arc Welding (SAW).
  • One pass welding and forming the seam.
  • No need to make stick welding before continous seam welding.
  • Can weld polygonal /octangle and circle/round taper street light pole.
  • One pass welding from the top to the bottom of the pole.
  • Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic clamping system make sure the stability of the machine.


Technical data table of light pole automatic welding machine



Workable length 

Max. 16000 mm


1500 MM

Suitable light pole Thickness

Light pole diameter: 60~500mm(Max.thickness: 4mm)


Light pole diameter: 250~500mmMax.thickness: 6mm)

Power of Motor for Pump

4 KW

Power of Motor for pulling dolly

4 KW, AC speed changeable type.

Welding Machine

Lincoln: DC600+LN-10 wire feeder/ China KN-500/350

Welding wire diameter

1.2/1.6~2mm welding wire, according the pole thickness

Working Speed

1.1~2m/min (Note: different thickness speed will be different )

Gross weight

9500 kg

Overall  sizes (mm)

24000x2000x2000 mm

The above are the standard model of our machine, if your have special requirement, please contact us for further discussion. 

Overview of the light pole automatic seam welding machine

The machine includes the following main items:

  • Long working table with rack for pull dolly.
  • Dolly for pulling pole
  • Hydraulic clamping and welding unit (including 3 sets clamping wheels for polygonal and circle pole)
  • Submerged Arc Welding system, including welding wire feeding system.
  • The flux recovering system
  • Back support unit
  • Hydraulic system

Option: Lincoln DC-600 welding package, including NA-3S controller, and Torch. (USA BRAND)

Note1: If chose the Lincoln welding machineúČnormally it is suitable for Submerged Arc Welding process

Fast motorized return back for dolly

Note2:for the standard machine, the dolly return back can be motorized with working speed, it is very slow for return back process.

So, normally, the operator will open the dolly clutch and push the dolly by manual.

In order to reduce the manpower, we have option: Fast motorized return back for dolly. The operator only push button, the dolly will

be back to the welding head.

Usage of the light pole welding machine 


The machine is specially designed for light pole longitudinal seam automatic welding. It can do the following:

After bending from the press brake machine, the  pole form the below shape

We have the following three basic model of the light  pole welding machine. 


1. Model: LPW-350, which can weld max. pole diameter on the bottom up to 350mm. Length:12-16meters. 


2. Model: LPW-450, which can weld max. pole diameter on the bottom up to 450mm. Length:12-16meters. 


3. Model: LPW-500, which can weld max. pole diameter on the bottom up to 500mm. Length:12-16meters.


Standard confirguration: Fuxl recovery system, SAW/MIG double use welding supply system. 

Before official quotation, kindly please confirm the below main Important data to us. 


1. What's the min. diameter at the top of your pole in mm  ? 


2. What's the max. diameter at the bottom of your pole in mm? 


3. What's the max. wall thickness of your pole in mm ? 


4. What's the max. length of the pole in mm ? 


5. What's the material code of your pole ? 

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