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Main Features:
Storage tanks are general storage containers for oil storing , they can have many kinds of configurations depending on Dimensions, orientations, placement, and shell configuration.
Materials of construction will determine the application that is suitable for tank.Storage tanks are used in a number of filed for general storage of goods.
The most important factors to consider when specifying storage tanks are their capacity and dimensions, The capacity of the tank is the internal volume available for the storage of material. The diameter of the tank is typically expressed in meters.
With PYRAMID's technology in automatic tank welding systems and experience in site storage tank welding, we provide you the methods, which can save time and improve productivity of various storage tank construction.
1. It can realize automatic welding for all girth seam and improve construction efficiency.
2. It is widely used in oil tank,storage tank, chemical, kiln, ship building and so on.
3. Liquid surface of melting pool self-controllable, auto traveling carriage and self-adjustable stick-out.
4. Rail of carriage is aluminum alloy structure and magnet adsorbing, easy to release and fix.
5. Light&compact module. Flexible and convenient.
6. The welding speed is 20 times faster than manual welding.

Technical parameters:
Suit tank diameter range 
4.2 meters and above. 
Tank wall thickness 
Suit steel plate height

According to the tank erection up method, the machine can be divided into two model. HFHJ-I-Bottom to up and HFHJ-1H,Up to bottom.
According to welding efficiency, it can be divided into single sided welding and double sided welding. HFHJ-I & HJFHJ-II.

Details as bellow:
Bottom to up, single sided agw saw welding
Bottom to up, double sided agw saw welding
Up to bottom, single sided, agw saw welding
agw for double sheel cryogenic tank welding . LNG tank.

Reference: Rotary Engineering Ltd.,
Formosa Heavyinductries Corp.,
CNPC Group, S

Single Sided Welding
UP to Bottom

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