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Main Features:

The welding positioner and turning table absorbed advantages of advanced product both at home and abroad,designed and manufactured by us,it has the follwing features:

  • It includes light and heay duty type, L type, head&tail type, 2 axis type, turning table, etc.
  • It can realize rotating at 360 and tilting at 0-90/120, and it can be used with welding.
  • controller to ensure the positioning accuracy and safety.
  • ABB, Schneider or Siemens electric parts adopted in our machine.
  • Customized or non-standard available to customer's special requirements.

Before official quotation, kindly please confirm the below main important data to us. 


1. What's the min. diameter of your workpiece in mm  ? 


2. What's the max. diameter of your workpiece in mm? 


3. What's the max. wall thickness of your workpiece in mm ? 


4. What's the max. weight of your workpiece in mm ? 


5. What's the length of your workpiece in mm ? 

Overview of the floor turning table

The machine includes the following main items:

  • Machine body.
  • Electric control box.
  • Foot pedal.
  • Remote control panel with 8m cables.

Technical data of the floor turning positioner

Usage of the floor turning positioner

1. Through rotating or tilting the work table to achieve the welding seam in a horizontal or boat-shaped position.

2.  Frequency inverter to control the rotation speed to ensure rotating smoothly.

3. Table rotating angle is 0 ~ 360 .

4. Joint control can be achieved between positioner and manipulator or welding machine.

5. Control system has three options: the key figures controlled, digital controlled switching and switching relays controlled.

6. The product is used in a variety of shafts, plates, cylinders and other rotary parts of the welding. 

Specifications of the floor turning positioner


1. Adopting advanced permanent magnet DC and stepless speed regulating motor to drive working table turning.

2. Table rotating angle is 0 ~ 360 .

3. ABB Frequency inverter controller.

4. .It's an ideal welding equipment which is suitble welding flange,stell pipe, round object,circular object, etc.

5. According to requirement from customers,the chuck clamp, tailstock, adjustable-welding gun support are available to meet automatical welding.

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