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Main Features:
Pyramid is specialized in providing í░whole solutioní▒ for polygonal and circle cross section steel pole production industry. series of the products including: cut to length line trapezium cutting machine synchronize tandem press brake bending machine light pole automatic shut & welding machine light pole automatic SAW welding machine straightening machine for light pole after welding light pole lamp door cnc plasma cutting machine light pole polishing machine other related machines for pole production.For more details of each of the above products, please view the bellow introduction.

    Cut to Length Line for Light Pole Production

Cut to Length Line for Light Pole Production


Cut to length line---Start from coils

Total line layout sketch drawing, see the below drawing.Please be noted:

  • If the max light pole length is 12m, A=53240,B=14000,C=13000,D=12000
  • If the max light pole length is 14m, A=59240,B=16000,C=15000,D=14000
  • In 13, single slitting means trapezium cutting
Trapezium Cutting Machine

Trapezium Cutting Machine


  • Rolled plate fitting on the two main shaft, powered by the motor through reducer drive, speed adjust at will, no noise, simple operation. Drive main shaft, the knife dish to roll. The knife dish from 6 crwzsi materials, high shear strength and good mechanical properties, long service life.
  • Walking device on roller, transfer roller run on tracks, by the motor through reducer drive, smooth operation, reliable transmission, speed to match the hob, adjust at will. Plate by many sets of hydraulic cylinder when running a clamping device, ensure accurate shearing size.
  • Walking device is made of thick steel plate welding, fission type structure, convenient transportation and installation of the equipment. And can according to user requirements to shorten or lengthen the shear length.
  • Feeding device has simple structure, is equipped with 4-5 keep-off points, and the hydraulic cylinder to control the feeding, material return, can change at any time to shear of steel plate thickness, trapezoidal plate without marking, direct shear, low labor intensity, simple operation.
  • In the electrical design, roll cutting head and walking deviceTape slitting
Synchronize Tandem Press Brake Bending Machine

Synchronize Tandem Press Brake Bending Machine

Light Pole bending Machine


  • The frame of machine is composed of cylinder, worktable, left and right housings and ram. So it has high strength and good rigidity. Also it takes vibration to eliminate stress.
  • Synchronization working principal of both machines: Adopting electric-hydraulic proportional valve to ensure the synchronization of both machines. The proportional valve is made by BOSCH company with very good performance such as small friction between mechanic action pairs, fine electronic amplifier and electric magnet with high controlling force and continuous action. There are two raster displayers on both sides of machine to inspect the position of ram continuously and feed back the signal to control system, then the control system will control electric-hydraulic valve to make two cylinders synchronization on one machine. Because the raster displayers are installed to í░Cí▒ plates, not on housing plates directly, the deflection of ram and frame when working will not effect its measuring and controlling precision. When two machines working together, the differential potentiometer installed between two machines will transfer the mechanic synchronizing signal into electronic one and feed back to synchronization plate and control system. The signal will be enlarged by BOSCH amplifier to control the synchronization of both machines by controlling electric-hydraulic proportional valve. So the synchronization of two machines is achieved with high precision.
  • Through computerúČ the operator could communicate with machine. The computer has several service language, calculate and adjust the bending force automatically. Also it could calculate and control the dead point, speed changing point.The strokes (Y1, Y2) of ram could make a small tilt to meet the special requirement of user.
  • Equipped with good guiding system, position measuring system and hydraulic balance system to meet the requirements of full length job and eccentric job.
  • Worktable compensation unit is adopted to make up for deflection of machine when working to make sure the precision of work piece.
  • The surface of cylinder has good wearing and heat treatment, so it has good lubrication and long service life.

Light pole automatic SAW welding machine


Technical data table of light pole automatic welding machine



Workable length 

Max. 16000 mm


1500 MM

Suitable light pole Thickness

Light pole diameter: 60~500mm(Max.thickness: 4mm)


Light pole diameter: 250~500mmMax.thickness: 6mm)

Power of Motor for Pump

4 KW

Power of Motor for pulling dolly

4 KW, AC speed changeable type.

Welding Machine

Lincoln: DC600+LN-10 wire feeder/ China KN-500/350

Welding wire diameter

1.2/1.6~2mm welding wire, according the pole thickness

Working Speed

1.1~2m/min (Note: different thickness speed will be different )

Gross weight

9500 kg

Overall  sizes (mm)

24000x2000x2000 mm

The above are the standard model of our machine, if your have special requirement, please contact us for further discussion. 

Straightening machine for light pole after welding

Straightening machine for light pole after welding


The machine is specially designed for straightening the street light pole and high mast after welding and Hot Dip Galvanizing process.

Light pole lamp door cnc plasma cutting machine

Light pole lamp door cnc plasma cutting machine


The machine is suitable for conical, octagonal light pole door CNC cutting, Also it can cut round pipe. The cutting shape can be circle, square, rectangle, elliptic type etc and any which can be draw designed by PC. The cutting power is automatic plasma. So the cutting speed will be much fast, and cutting edge quality is better then flame cutting.

Light pole polishing machine

Light pole polishing machine

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